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Training Needs Analysis / Skill Assessment Solution

What it is:

  • Primarily designed to address in a systematic, low maintenance way the training needs of technical teams in an organisation.
  • Through the use of tests / exams the current level of expertise of each member of the team can be measured, i.e before the training, during the training and after the training.
  • Each test is designed with team members job roles, i.e questions are selected from a question bank, that is comprised of modules and topics covered for specific job roles.
  • The expertise levels of each candidate is hence measured module-wise and topic-wise according to their job roles.
  • Recommendations for propelling the candidates to the next levels are made through the solution based on the current expertise levels
  • Post training exams are used to measure the impact on each candidate of the training
  • All reports are exportable to either MS Excel or / and PDF formats

A web based solution:

  • Can be implemented on a Web Server, requiring minimal additional resources like hardware, software or people managing the system.
  • Accessible from any PC with internet connection, with security features to make the solution secure too.
  • PCs accessing the system do not require special software to be implemented, it can be accessed using a web browser.
  • For more details contact